Are Tiger Woods Steroids Allegations To Get Jacked True Or False?

We all know that Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers and the greatest athletes of all time!

Do you ever think that Tiger started wearing a fit or tight shirts to reveal bulked and defined-body.

Tiger wood steroids allegations

It is common that all those who reached towards fame is going to address with some criticism or allegations, which has an impact on both the personal and professional life.

These types of inspection, lead to interfering with his extramarital affairs and divorce with his wife “Elin Nordegren”due to both reason affairs and allegations of steroid use.

Before the Tiger Wood investigation towards PED’S, he was considered as a genetically gifted.

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Over the years, Tiger contributes to rank in the list of highest-paid athletes.

If we go to back in the year 2007 so there are some allegations or conversation started that he may take some steroids,  HGH, and PEDs (Performance enhancing drugs).

Tiger Woods: Steroids Or Natural?

A legal Disclaimer: The article is just based on the information.

Tiger woods steroid useOur motto is not to criticize someone for steroid use or interfere personal life

The most of the people are wondering that how he could develop this type of physique in a short period of time.

But there are many sports fans and golf fans of the Tiger are amazed and said there is no any way that Tiger would do wrong and all of us did not see any huge result from the PEDs.

The reaction was always same by a mainstream media

Most of the sources totally disagreed to these types of whispers.

The PEDs are actually used to increase the size of the  muscle, minimize a recovery time period, reduce inflammation and swelling  and improves energy level and heal the injuries in a short period of time.

The casual sports fans and media are unaware of the multiple benefits of PEDs.

Athlete Statistics Of Tiger Woods:
  • Weight of the body: 185Ib (84kg)
  • Height of the body: 6’1’’ (185cm)


  • Chest: 42 inches (107cm)
  • Biceps: 14 inches (35.5cm)
  • Waist size: 33 inches (84cm)

Did Tiger Wood Really Use Steroids Or Are Allegations Of PEDs Are Rumors?

The Tiger is continuously making his name by broken the records, even he counted In the number one ranked player in the world.

 Tiger Woods PGA Tour

He got many awards and also won the PGA Tour for seven to nine times.

The progress puts his name to the second place in most of the PGA Tour.

Many Testosterone supplements have already helped many bodybuilders and sports athletes in performance and stamina.

The allegations of PED completely distracted his reputation.

According to the Gary player In the year 2007,  “started a conversation in front of the media that I was aware a two professional golf player that were using PED’s but I had promised to hide their identity”.

Tiger stated in 2006: “I wanted to see a PEDs testing result as soon as possible. If anything, probably everyone who out would be testing positive”.

Phil Mickelson replied: “I don’t even think there is a remote chance will happen that proof a golfer to steroid positive”

Keith Kleven Tiger Woods Trainer

Keith is a Tiger’s Las Vagas trainer, who said the Tiger works out for five to six days a week with a lifting of weight.

Hank Haney coached Tiger Woods for more than six years.He also runs, hits the ball for practice and plays around 18 holes of golf per day.

Keith also added that sometimes lifting of Tiger was “off the charts” because he has a high level of endurance for performing at high reps.

He has not mentioned a specific amount of lift, but he mentioned: Tiger will reach new higher goals.

The majority of weightlifters does not lift more than six days a week.

It seems like creepy that playing golf, lifting weights and running can lead to the muscle sores and joints sore.

How it will possible to do more hard work without taking drugs for reducing the soreness of muscle and reduce a recovery time period.

Even he had multiple operations on one knee and other injuries

A lot of operations can interfere with the Tiger woods workout routine.

Tiger Wood And Anthony Galea Connection:

The question was already asked for steroid due to a connection with an Anthony Galea.

Tiger has had four operations of left knee, one for removing a cyst, second one for removal of damaged cartilage and other one to repair a torn ACL.

Toronto physician Dr. Anthony Galea, who has treated several famous professional athletes

Tiger had also received the blood treatments, especially a plasma therapy through Injection to speed up the process of healing

He received the treatment form the Anthony Galea.

This does not mean that Tiger took anything illegal

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Anthony Galea is a doctor in sports medicine and was arrested in the year 2009 due to involved in the transportation of Human Growth Hormone in Toronto without charged.

Anthony was also arrested for the crime in 2011 because of bringing mislabeled drugs into the United States.

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He had also connected to the steroid scandal of Alex Rodriguez steroid.

The connection of Tiger woods to Anthony Galea began when woods had received treatment from the MD.

The main thing is to consider that Tiger spending around $200,000 in two years of the time period.

Mostly sportsperson used performance enhancing drugs like Dbol and Trenbolone for fast recovery and stamina.


No Doubt, Tiger woods is extremely competitive and hard working.

Tiger Woods Secret To SuccessHe was recently made approximately $100 million dollars and nearest to become a first billionaire athlete in total lifetime earnings.

It’s hard to say, but as the rumors of Tiger woods are spread and coupled with divorced even the Dan Olsen’s accusations were spreading.

His doctor is also spotted with a Human Growth Hormone so it seems Tiger probably have used HGH and PEDs.

HGH is a Human Growth Hormone used for enhancing the performance, but considered as illegal in the sports while legal in the medical.

Many website claims Dr. Oz garcinia cambogia as a breakthrough new weight loss supplement, but new research calls most brands into question.

The Tiger said in the interview with Golf Digest:  There is no option for love or hate, Tiger always respected the game and he knows his history and also the people in the sports and he always knew what golf did him personally.

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